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Business Goal

CrazyGKTricks sought to expand its educational outreach beyond YouTube with the creation of a public website. The goal was to serve educational content to a broader audience by providing downloadable notes, offering a premium subscription to block ads, and generating revenue privately. The vision was to maximize their impact, reaching and serving the educational needs of a diverse user base.


Creating a public website with educational content posed challenges such as conceptualizing a user-friendly platform, developing a premium subscription model, and ensuring revenue generation through private ads. Striking a balance between free and premium content while maintaining user engagement and satisfaction presented a unique challenge. The team had to design a solution that seamlessly integrated educational content, user interaction, and revenue generation.

Our Process

Conceptualization & Planning

Crafting a business concept for educational outreach, outlining content delivery, premium features, and ad revenue strategies.


Design & Prototyping

Utilizing Figma for design, wireframing, and prototyping to ensure an intuitive and visually appealing user interface.

Development & Deployment

Leveraging WordPress for website development, ensuring scalability, security, and a user-friendly content management system.

Project Description

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Business Concept Development

The project began with the formulation of a robust business concept. The team collaborated with CrazyGKTricks to understand their vision, target audience, and monetization goals. A comprehensive strategy was devised to offer free educational content while introducing a premium subscription model. This involved creating a value proposition for premium users by blocking ads and providing additional features.


User-Friendly Content Platform

Figma played a pivotal role in designing a user-friendly platform. Wireframes and prototypes were created to visualize the website’s layout, ensuring seamless navigation and easy access to educational content. The design focused on clarity, simplicity, and responsiveness to cater to a diverse user base, including those accessing the platform from various devices.

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WordPress Website Development

WordPress was chosen for its versatility, providing an efficient content management system. The development phase involved customizing WordPress themes to align with CrazyGKTricks’ brand identity. The website architecture was designed to accommodate a growing repository of educational content, ensuring scalability. Integration of the premium subscription model and private ad revenue mechanisms required meticulous development and testing.

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Monetization Strategy Implementation

The implementation of the premium subscription model involved integrating payment gateways and ensuring a seamless user experience for premium users. Simultaneously, the team implemented a private ad revenue strategy, strategically placing ads for non-premium users while ensuring an ad-free experience for premium subscribers. The monetization strategy was designed to generate revenue while maintaining an engaging and non-intrusive user experience.

Technologies Used


  • Server-side scripting for enhanced website performance
  • Efficient handling of concurrent user interactions
  • Scalability for future feature additions


  • Design and prototyping tool for visualizing website layout
  • Collaboration on design elements with CrazyGKTricks team
  • Streamlining the development process with clear design guidelines


  • Versatile and customizable themes for brand alignment
  • Content management system for easy content updates
  • Integration of plugins for premium subscription and ad revenue features


CrazyGKTricks’ solution involved the conceptualization of a comprehensive business model, design and prototyping using Figma, and WordPress development for a user-friendly and scalable website. The premium subscription model and private ad revenue strategy were successfully integrated, creating a harmonious balance between educational outreach and revenue generation.


Successful Business Concept Execution

The execution of the business concept resulted in a public educational platform that seamlessly integrated free and premium content, providing value to a diverse user base..

User-Friendly Platform

The Figma-designed platform proved to be user-friendly, facilitating easy navigation and access to educational content for a wide range of users.

Monetization Success

The implemented monetization strategy, including the premium subscription model and private ad revenue, successfully generated revenue while preserving a positive user experience.


CrazyGKTricks‘ journey to extend its educational vision through a public website showcases the successful integration of business strategy, design, and technology. The collaboration resulted in a user-friendly platform that not only serves educational content to a broader audience but also generates revenue through a thoughtful and non-intrusive monetization strategy. The success of this project exemplifies the effectiveness of aligning technology with business goals to achieve both educational impact and financial sustainability.

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