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Metaswap Game's Crypto Conversion with Blockchain Integration

Metaswap Game’s “Seamless Cryptocurrency Conversion Plugin for Gaming Applications”
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Business Goal

Metaswap Game aims to redefine in-game transactions by providing a Unity plugin that facilitates the conversion of any cryptocurrency to another. The primary business goal is to offer game developers a versatile tool to integrate various cryptocurrencies seamlessly into their games. The plugin not only enables direct usage of any currency but also provides real-time information on gas fees, enhancing transparency in transactions within gaming applications.

Business Goal


The challenges in developing Metaswap Game centered around creating a Unity plugin that seamlessly integrated with diverse cryptocurrencies. Ensuring secure transactions, displaying real-time gas fees, and offering a user-friendly experience posed complexities. The team had to navigate the intricacies of blockchain technologies and Unity game development to provide a robust solution for in-game cryptocurrency conversions.

Our Process

User-Centric Design

Blockchain Integration

Incorporating blockchain functionalities for secure and transparent cryptocurrency transactions.

AI Matchmaking Integration

Unity Plugin Development

Creating a user-friendly and seamless Unity plugin for in-game cryptocurrency conversions.

Admin Tools Development

Real-time Gas Fee Display

Implementing a feature to display real-time gas fees, enhancing transparency for users.

Project Description

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Blockchain Integration

The project began with an in-depth analysis of blockchain technologies suitable for integrating with Unity games. Blockchain functionalities were incorporated to ensure secure and transparent cryptocurrency transactions within the game environment. The team selected Node.js as the server-side technology to handle blockchain interactions efficiently. The integration process involved creating secure connections and protocols for smooth communication between the Unity plugin and various cryptocurrencies.


Unity Plugin Development

The development of the Unity plugin required a comprehensive understanding of Unity game development. Leveraging the Unity engine, the team created a user-friendly and seamless plugin that game developers could easily integrate into their applications. The plugin allowed for the conversion of any cryptocurrency to another, providing flexibility and convenience for in-game transactions. Extensive testing was conducted to ensure the plugin’s compatibility with different Unity game environments.

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Real-time Gas Fee Display

To enhance transparency, the Metaswap Game’s plugin featured a real-time gas fee display. Users could view the current gas fees associated with their cryptocurrency transactions within the game. The implementation involved utilizing blockchain data and updating the plugin interface dynamically. This feature provided users with crucial information for making informed decisions, ultimately contributing to a smoother and more transparent in-game transaction experience.

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Store Publication

Once the Unity plugin was developed and thoroughly tested, the next phase involved publishing it in relevant app stores. The team worked on creating documentation and guidelines for developers to seamlessly integrate Metaswap Game into their Unity projects. This involved collaboration with various app stores to ensure proper listing and visibility, making the plugin accessible to a wide audience of game developers.

Technologies Used

User-Centric Design


  • Efficient server-side scripting for blockchain interactions
  • Handling secure connections for cryptocurrency transactions
  • Scalability for potential future blockchain integrations

AI Matchmaking Integration


  • Incorporation of blockchain functionalities for secure transactions
  • Creating secure communication protocols for Unity plugin interactions
  • Supporting diverse cryptocurrencies for in-game conversions

Admin Tools Development


  • Unity engine for developing a user-friendly and seamless plugin
  • Compatibility testing for integration with various Unity game environments
  • Providing a versatile tool for game developers to enable in-game cryptocurrency transactions


Metaswap Game successfully addressed the challenges by integrating blockchain functionalities, developing a user-friendly Unity plugin, and implementing a real-time gas fee display. The solution provided game developers with a powerful tool to facilitate in-game cryptocurrency conversions, enhancing the overall gaming experience.


User-Centric Design

Seamless In-Game Transactions

Metaswap Game's delivered a seamless solution for in-game cryptocurrency transactions, allowing users to convert any cryptocurrency to another within the Unity gaming environment.

AI Matchmaking Integration

Enhanced Transparency

The real-time gas fee display feature enhanced transparency, providing users with crucial information for making informed decisions during in-game transactions.

Admin Tools Development

Wide Adoption

The Unity plugin gained wide adoption among game developers, contributing to the growth of in-game cryptocurrency transactions and expanding Metaswap Game's influence in the gaming industry.


Metaswap Game’s Unity plugin successfully bridged the gap between blockchain and gaming, offering a secure and user-friendly solution for in-game cryptocurrency transactions. The project’s success lies in its ability to address complex challenges, provide a versatile Unity plugin, and enhance transparency in the growing space of blockchain-enabled gaming applications.

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