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Business Goal

The inception of Start-up Telangana, aligning with the broader Start-up India scheme, aimed to create a dedicated and efficient startup portal for the state. The overarching business goal was to streamline the process for local entrepreneurs to access government grants seamlessly. The portal was designed to be a one-stop destination where start-ups could apply for various grants offered by the government. The comprehensive vision included establishing an application tracking system, empowering administrators to track progress, manage rejections or updates, and handle grievances efficiently. The goal was not only to digitize the grant application process but also to provide a centralized platform for managing all aspects of the start-up ecosystem in Telangana.


Developing the Start-up Telangana portal came with its set of challenges, primarily centered around creating a robust and user-friendly platform that catered to the diverse needs of entrepreneurs and government administrators. The challenge involved designing an application tracking system that seamlessly integrated with the grant application process, allowing administrators to update progress, manage grievances, and handle a multitude of tasks efficiently. Additionally, ensuring a secure and scalable infrastructure was vital to handle the increasing influx of applications and data. The diverse nature of start-up requirements, coupled with the need for a responsive and user-friendly interface, posed additional challenges that required careful consideration during the development process.

Our Process


Crafting a user-centric portal tailored to the needs of diverse start-ups.



Implementing a robust application tracking system and administrative tools.


Rigorous testing to ensure security, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

Project Description

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User-Centric Design Implementation

The user-centric design process involved extensive collaboration with entrepreneurs and stakeholders to understand their needs. The resulting interface focused on simplicity, making the application process accessible to individuals with varying levels of technological proficiency. Usability testing and iterative design improvements were integral to creating a seamless and engaging user experience.


Application Tracking System Development

The application tracking system was intricately woven into the portal’s architecture. It allowed entrepreneurs to track the progress of their grant applications in real-time. Simultaneously, administrators could efficiently update the status, manage rejections or approvals, and maintain a transparent workflow. The system contributed to increased efficiency, reducing manual tracking efforts and enhancing the overall grant management process.

03 Admin

Administrative Management Tools

The administrative management tools empowered administrators to handle grievances, manage support tickets, and organize all supporting materials related to start-ups efficiently. The system facilitated a streamlined communication channel between administrators and entrepreneurs, creating a cohesive platform for managing the entire startup ecosystem. This included features for document uploads, communication logs, and progress tracking.

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Secure and Scalable Infrastructure

Ensuring a secure and scalable infrastructure was crucial for handling the increasing volume of grant applications and data. The implementation of the MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js) stack provided an efficient and scalable data management solution. The infrastructure was designed to accommodate future growth, ensuring a reliable and stable platform.

Technologies Used

MERN Stack

  • MongoDB for flexible data storage
  • Express.js for server-side application logic
  • React for dynamic user interfaces Node.js for scalable network applications


  • Building cross-platform mobile applications for a seamless user experience
  • Enhancing the portal's accessibility and usability on various devices
  • Utilizing Flutter's rich set of pre-designed widgets for rapid development


  • Leveraging Amazon Web Services for secure and scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Utilizing AWS Lambda for serverless computing
  • Employing Amazon S3 for efficient data storage


The solution provided by the Start-up Telangana portal revolutionized the grant application process and administrative management for entrepreneurs and government officials alike. The user-centric design ensured an accessible and engaging experience for entrepreneurs, while the application tracking system and administrative tools streamlined workflow and communication. The adoption of the MERN stack facilitated a scalable, efficient, and secure infrastructure, ensuring the platform’s reliability. The solution not only digitized the grant application process but also created a centralized hub for nurturing and managing the start-up ecosystem in Telangana.


Efficient Grant Application Process

The user-centric design and application tracking system resulted in an efficient and streamlined grant application process for entrepreneurs. Real-time updates, clear communication channels, and a simplified interface contributed to increased success rates and overall user satisfaction.

Empowered Administrators

Administrative management tools empowered government officials to efficiently handle grievances, manage support tickets, and oversee the progress of grant applications. The centralized platform enhanced communication, transparency, and overall administrative efficiency.

Positive Response and Growth

The Start-up Telangana portal garnered a tremendous response, affirming its impact on the local start-up ecosystem. Entrepreneurs found the platform accessible and efficient, leading to a growing number of applications. The positive response and sustained growth indicated the success of the


In conclusion, the development and implementation of the Start-up Telangana portal stand as a testament to the successful fusion of technological innovation and administrative efficiency. The portal not only digitizes the grant application process but also creates a user-friendly ecosystem that caters to the diverse needs of entrepreneurs. By adopting a user-centric design, implementing an efficient application tracking system, and introducing robust administrative management tools, the portal has significantly streamlined the start-up journey in Telangana. The use of the MERN stack ensures a secure and scalable infrastructure, contributing to the platform’s reliability and success. As a result, the Start-up Telangana portal has not only met its initial goal of creating a government-driven start-up platform but has also emerged as a transformative force, fostering collaboration, transparency, and growth within the local entrepreneurial landscape.

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