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Sumit: Transforming Education

Sumit EdTech “A Comprehensive EdTech Solution for Bihar-based Coaching Institute”

Business Goal

Sumit EdTech, a prominent coaching institute based in Bihar, embarked on a mission to enhance its educational offerings beyond live classes. The primary business goal was to create a robust Learning Management System (LMS) through a dedicated application. The aim was to enable students from classes nine to twelve to access recorded sessions and study materials post-live classes. Through an intuitive admin portal, instructors could upload content, which students could then access offline and download for future reference. This initiative sought to bridge the gap between live sessions and self-paced learning, providing a holistic educational experience for subscribed students.


Implementing the Sumit EdTech app came with its set of challenges. The need to seamlessly integrate the admin portal with the application while ensuring secure content access posed a significant hurdle. Balancing the offline accessibility of videos with subscription-based content delivery required careful consideration. Additionally, creating a user-friendly interface that catered to students’ diverse learning needs, from video playback to content downloading, added complexity. The challenge was not just in building a technical solution but in tailoring it to meet the unique requirements of an educational institution.

Our Process

Agile Development

Employed Agile methodologies for adaptive development, fostering collaboration, and ensuring continuous feedback loops, resulting in swift and client-aligned progress.


QA Testing

Implemented thorough Quality Assurance (QA) testing, covering functional, performance, and security aspects. Ensured the Sumit EdTech app met stringent quality standards.


Conducted in-depth user-centric analysis, incorporating feedback loops and usability testing. Shaped development based on user behavior, ensuring the Sumit EdTech app met diverse learning needs.

Project Description

01 Heading

Designing Intuitive UI/UX

In the first phase of the Sumit EdTech app development, our focus was on designing an intuitive UI/UX. We recognized that a user-friendly interface was paramount to the success of the educational platform. To achieve this, we conducted extensive market research to understand user expectations and preferences. Stakeholder consultations provided valuable insights into the specific needs of educators and students. Armed with this information, we embarked on creating initial prototypes that were subjected to rigorous user feedback sessions.

The prototyping phase involved designing wireframes and mockups that represented the envisioned user interface. Through collaborative ideation sessions with stakeholders and potential users, we collected feedback on design elements, navigational flow, and feature preferences. This iterative process allowed us to refine the UI/UX, ensuring that the final design would be intuitive, engaging, and aligned with the educational goals of Sumit EdTech.

The result was a user interface that facilitated seamless navigation, making it easy for students and instructors to access content, engage with materials, and manage their learning journey. This meticulous approach to design laid the foundation for a positive user experience throughout the Sumit EdTech app.


Admin Portal Integration

The integration of the admin portal was a critical aspect of the Sumit EdTech app development, as it aimed to create a seamless connection between instructors and students. The process began with a comprehensive understanding of the needs of educators and administrators through stakeholder consultations. Insights gathered from these sessions informed the design and functionality of the admin portal, ensuring it met the specific requirements of Sumit EdTech.

With a clear vision in mind, our development team utilized the MERN Stack, leveraging MongoDB for data storage, Express.js for server-side scripting, React for the frontend, and Node.js for backend development. This technology stack provided a robust foundation for building a feature-rich and responsive admin portal.

During the development phase, continuous collaboration with Sumit EdTech’s administrative team allowed us to tailor the portal to their workflow. Instructors could effortlessly upload, manage, and organize educational content, fostering a stronger connection with students. This integration not only streamlined content delivery but also enhanced the overall efficiency of the educational institution.

03 Admin

Offline Video Access

One of the key features of the Sumit EdTech app was the ability for students to access educational videos offline. This feature was conceived to empower learning beyond the constraints of internet connectivity, a crucial consideration for students in Bihar. The process of enabling offline video access involved meticulous planning, technological innovation, and a user-centric approach.

Using Flutter as the primary framework for mobile application development, our team implemented a secure system for downloading and storing videos locally on the application. This decision ensured a consistent user experience across both iOS and Android platforms. The challenge was not only in enabling offline access but also in ensuring the security and integrity of the downloaded content.

The development process included creating a seamless download interface within the application, allowing students to choose when and where to download videos for later access. The downloaded content was encrypted and could only be opened through the Sumit EdTech app, ensuring the exclusivity and security of educational materials.

The implementation of offline video access represented a significant stride in making education more accessible, allowing students to engage with course materials at their own pace, regardless of internet availability.

04 Heading

Subscription-Based Access

To ensure the exclusivity and security of educational content, Sumit EdTech opted for a subscription-based access control system. This phase involved intricate planning, robust technology integration, and a commitment to safeguarding intellectual property. The objective was to create a secure environment where only subscribed students could access the downloaded materials.

Firebase, a cloud-based platform, played a crucial role in implementing secure authentication and real-time database features. This decision not only enhanced the security of user data but also facilitated seamless content access. Through meticulous development, our team created a subscription management system that authenticated users, verified active subscriptions, and provided exclusive access to educational materials.

The challenge lay in balancing accessibility with security, ensuring that legitimate subscribers enjoyed uninterrupted access while preventing unauthorized distribution of content. The subscription-based access control system became a cornerstone of the Sumit EdTech app, safeguarding educational resources and fostering a sense of exclusivity for subscribed students.

The implementation of this feature not only met the security requirements of Sumit EdTech but also contributed to creating a sustainable and controlled educational ecosystem.

Technologies Used

MERN Stack

  • MERN stack, provided scalable solutions for managing diverse educational content efficiently.
  • Leveraging Express.js for the backend ensured a streamlined and performant server, handling user requests, managing data, and facilitating communication between the applications.
  • Express.js served as the backend framework, creating a robust server for handling content uploads, user authentication.


  • Flutter enabled the development of a single codebase, ensuring accessibility on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Flutter's widget-based architecture facilitated the creation of visually appealing and interactive interfaces.
  • Flutter's capabilities were leveraged to seamlessly implement offline access features, allowing students to download and access educational content offline.


  • Firebase's real-time database capabilities were utilized to implement secure offline access features.
  • Firebase provided robust authentication protocols, ensuring that only subscribed users could access educational content securely.
  • Firebase's scalable infrastructure complemented the MERN stack, contributing to the overall scalability and performance of the Sumit EdTech Application.


The Sumit EdTech app stands as a comprehensive solution, seamlessly integrating an intuitive interface, an efficient admin portal, offline video access, and a subscription-based access control system. The collaboration of technologies such as MERN Stack, Flutter, and Firebase resulted in a robust platform that met the unique educational needs of Sumit EdTech, providing a secure and engaging learning environment for students.


Enhanced Learning Experience

Intuitive UI/UX and offline video access transformed the way students engaged with educational content.

Efficient Content Management

The admin portal integration simplified content uploads and management for instructors.

Secure Access Control

The subscription-based model ensured the exclusivity and security of educational materials.


The Sumit EdTech app not only addressed the initial challenges posed by the coaching institute but also emerged as a transformative tool for education delivery. By focusing on user experience, seamless integration, and secure content access, the project successfully bridged the gap between live classes and self-paced learning. The collaboration of technologies and thoughtful design considerations has positioned Sumit EdTech as a pioneer in providing a holistic and secure educational experience for students in Bihar and beyond.

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