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Practically: Among the Best Online Education Platforms for Learning

Practically “Transforming Education Through Immersive Experiences and Technological Innovations”

Business Goal

Practically, an ad tech application designed for K-6 to K-12 students embarked on a mission to revolutionize vocational education. The primary business goal was to create a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates virtual reality, mobile application, and chatbot technologies. This innovative approach aimed to enhance student learning experiences by providing interactive, hands-on content. With a focus on K-12 education, Practically aimed to deliver a platform where students could access courses, videos, simulations, and virtual reality content, fostering a dynamic and engaging educational environment. The ultimate objective was to contribute to the improvement of educational outcomes and facilitate effective learning for students.


The project faced multifaceted challenges in its mission to revolutionize vocational education. Designing an intuitive user interface that resonated with the diverse needs of K-12 students proved to be a significant hurdle. Moreover, striking a balance between educational content’s alignment with standards and maintaining engagement required meticulous planning and execution. Additionally, another challenge involved achieving seamless functionality and ensuring optimal user experience across various devices and platforms. Overcoming these obstacles required close collaboration between design, development, and digital marketing teams to create a cohesive and effective educational platform. Furthermore, incorporating cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality and chatbot functionalities brought about complexities in implementation. Consequently, this required careful consideration to maintain the platform’s integrity and accessibility for the target audience. Moreover, these challenges, though formidable, were addressed through strategic planning, innovative solutions, and continuous improvement processes.

Our Process

Innovative UI/UX Design

Crafting an intuitive and engaging user interface to cater to the diverse needs of students, ensuring a seamless learning experience.


Dynamic Content Creation

Creating diverse content, including simulations and virtual reality, within the mobile application to provide students with interactive and educational experiences.

Strategic Promotion

Implementing digital marketing strategies to promote Practically, driving 1 million+ downloads and securing series A and angel funding.

Project Description

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Crafting a Comprehensive Ed-Tech Mobile App

In the initial phase of the project, our focus was on developing a feature-rich mobile application for Practically, catering to the unique educational needs of students. Throughout three and a half years, our team collaborated closely with Practically to conceptualize and implement an application that would serve as a central hub for students. The app allowed users to access a wide array of courses, educational videos, and downloadable content, fostering a self-paced learning environment. With a user-friendly interface, students could seamlessly navigate through the app, facilitating easy access to educational resources. Additionally, the application also featured bite-sized videos, providing concise explanations of various concepts. Moreover, students could not only view these videos but also download them for offline viewing, enhancing accessibility. Furthermore, the mock test functionality enabled users to prepare for exams effectively. In addition, the inclusion of previous years’ test papers allowed for comprehensive test preparation. This holistic approach aimed to make learning more engaging and tailored to individual student needs. Furthermore, the application served as a platform for educators to upload content, enabling seamless communication and knowledge dissemination between teachers and students. The success of this mobile application is evidenced by its 1 million+ downloads, solidifying its position as a trusted educational tool for the students.

Simulations and Virtual Reality Content

To augment traditional learning methods, we integrated simulations and virtual reality (VR) content within the Practically mobile application. This transformative step aimed to provide students with hands-on and immersive learning experiences. The 3D space interaction feature allowed users to move within the virtual environment, actively engaging with simulations that mirrored real-world scenarios.

The VR content included interactive simulations that aligned with educational curricula, allowing students to visualize complex concepts in a dynamic and engaging manner. For instance, students could virtually conduct science experiments, exploring the principles of physics and chemistry in a simulated laboratory environment. The immersive nature of these experiences aimed to enhance understanding, retention, and application of theoretical knowledge.

Moreover, our team ensured that the VR content remained accessible and compatible across various devices, ensuring a consistent and high-quality experience for all users. The successful incorporation of simulations and VR content contributed significantly to Practically’s goal of transforming traditional education into a dynamic and interactive learning journey.

03 Admin

Technological Solutions in Education

Our focus extended to incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and chatbot functionalities. The integration of simulations and VR content within the mobile application ushered in a new era of immersive learning experiences. Users could actively engage with 3D simulations, enabling hands-on interactions within a virtual environment. This innovative approach aimed to transcend traditional teaching methods and enhance comprehension through experiential learning.

Practically is essential to highlight the seamless integration of chatbot functionalities. The intelligent chatbot acted as a personalized learning assistant, offering support and guidance tailored to individual student needs. This chatbot not only facilitated communication within the platform but also contributed to creating adaptive and responsive educational experiences.

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Continuous Improvement Cycle

Ensuring the sustained success of Practically’s educational platform involved establishing a robust feedback loop and actively engaging with users. A key aspect of this approach was the implementation of a continuous improvement cycle, where user feedback played a central role in shaping updates and enhancements to the platform. The feedback loop involved soliciting input from students, educators, and other stakeholders to identify areas for improvement. Subsequently, regular updates to the mobile application were then rolled out based on this feedback. These updates focused on addressing usability concerns, adding new features, and refining existing functionalities. This iterative process not only contributed to user satisfaction but also played a crucial role in maintaining Practically’s competitive edge in the dynamic ed-tech landscape. Additionally, the feedback loop extended to content creation, ensuring that educational materials remained relevant and aligned with evolving educational standards. This commitment to continuous improvement solidified Practically’s position as a responsive and user-centric educational platform, contributing to its remarkable 1 million+ downloads and sustained success in the market.

Technologies Used


  • Facilitating real-time interactions within the mobile application.
  • Enabling seamless and responsive user experiences.
  • Serving as a robust backend technology for efficient data processing.


  • Ensuring a unified user experience across various devices and platforms.
  • Accelerating mobile application development with a single codebase.
  • Enhancing UI/UX design with Flutter's versatile and customizable framework.


  • Providing a scalable backend infrastructure for Practically's educational platform.
  • Enabling seamless integration of diverse content and functionalities.
  • Supporting robust server-side scripting for dynamic and feature-rich applications.


The solution devised for Practically’s educational platform represents a paradigm shift in vocational education. Seamlessly integrating virtual reality, mobile application, and chatbot technologies, the solution caters to the diverse needs of K-12 students. The comprehensive mobile application serves as a dynamic hub, offering courses, educational videos, and downloadable content, fostering self-paced and interactive learning. The incorporation of virtual reality brings forth immersive simulations, enabling students to actively engage in 3D spaces, enhancing comprehension and practical application of theoretical knowledge. The intelligent chatbot acts as a personalized learning companion, providing tailored support and guidance. This cohesive blend of innovative technologies contributes to an adaptive and responsive educational experience, setting a new standard for interactive learning in the educational technology landscape. Practically’s solution not only addresses the challenges of traditional education but also propels vocational learning into a realm of dynamic, experiential, and technologically advanced possibilities. Additionally, it offers a unique approach that combines traditional teaching methods with interactive digital tools.


Widening Reach

The mobile application garnered over 1 million downloads, establishing itself as a widely adopted and trusted educational tool for the students.

Positive Educational Outcomes

Additionally, the platform contributed to positive educational outcomes by enhancing student engagement, comprehension, and overall learning experiences.

Accessible Learning Anytime, Anywhere

The mobile application allowed students to access learning materials and virtual labs from the convenience of their mobile devices, promoting flexible and on-the-go learning.


In conclusion, the collaboration with Practically has resulted in a transformative platform that merges cutting-edge technologies seamlessly. Moreover, from the inception of the mobile application to the integration of virtual reality and chatbot functionalities, the project has not only addressed the challenges of traditional education but has also set new standards for interactive and engaging learning. With over 1 million downloads, successful fundraising rounds, and positive educational outcomes, the project underscores the impact of innovative solutions in reshapingK-6 to K-12 education. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the evolution of educational technology, promising a dynamic future for immersive and personalized learning experiences.

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